5 Star Equine – 100% Virgin Wool Saddle Pads

Why Choose 5Star Equine 100% Virgin Wool Saddle Pads?
Equine enthusiasts throughout the world seek to maximize the potential of their horse through aspects of equine stewardship. The five components that allow a horse to reach its potential are: genetics, nutrition, health care, training and equipment.
As a result of these five critical components, 5 Star has focused on producing the finest, all-natural products available to the equine industry.
5 Star stands for excellence in quality, craftsmanship and materials. Maintaining excellence is a standard, which is met by carefully selecting the finest, pressed virgin wool felt, leather, mohair and hardware. Products produced always receive full consideration to conformation, movement, natural therapeutic comfort and application.
5 Star produces 100% virgin wool felt pads, mohair cinchas and wool blankets specifically designed to fit what is right for horses and mules.
THE BEST PROTECTION FOR YOUR HORSE’S BACK is a 5 Star 100% Virgin Wool Contoured Saddle Pad handmade in the USA.
The World’s Finest 100% Virgin Wool. All Natural, 100% Virgin Wool Felt absorbs moisture and wicks it to drier areas.
100% Virgin Wool Contoured Saddle Pads are specially designed to fit the shape of your horse or mule’s back. Unique, two-piece construction eliminates spinal pressure and improves saddle fit—no over-cinching.
5-Star’s Contoured Pad is the ORIGINAL Western contour saddle pad with a true French Curve back line and withers slope. Special attention is given to wither height, back line variance and hip placement, which result in a GREAT FITTING SADDLE PAD that CONFORMS to the shape of your horse or mule.
Contoured, Conformed Fit
20% Less Cinching Needed
All Natural, 100% Virgin Wool Felt
3X More Compression Protection than Synthetic Neoprene Pads
Even Weight Distribution & Impact Absorption
4X Greater Wicking Ability
Eliminates Heat Build-up
2000+ Hours of Maximum Riding Protection
Soft & Durable, Easy Clean-up