Pink Buckle and Ruby Buckle Ads 2021

The 2021 Ruby and Pink Buckle Events are going to be historic, and once again 3-2-1 Action Video will be live streaming these events. As a Ruby Buckle or Pink Buckle stallion owner, we will provide free video ad space on the live broadcasts. At Ruby Buckle events, we will play both sets as there is also a Pink Buckle side pot. At the Pink Buckle event, only the Pink Buckle ads will be shown.

If you don’t have an ad ready, please allow up to 2 weeks extra prior to a deadline to make the ads (Additional editors names available below)

Next Ruby Buckle Event: April 26-May 1,2021 Guthrie, OK DEADLINE FOR FINAL ADS TO BE SUBMITTED IS APRIL 15, 2021

Pink Buckle: Oct 5-10,2021 Guthrie, OK DEADLINE FOR FINAL ADS TO BE SUBMITTED IS SEP 29 

We prefer ads to be 30 seconds long, but must be not longer than 60 seconds. Video is best send via google drive,, youtube, or vimeo. Dropbox-give access to   



Other editors Available to assist you with making video ads:

Magnolia Ranch Creative Marketing and Design.
Phone number: 512-718-1181

Tara Lee Woodall

Danielle Long

Dena Milner
(575) 202-9590