Promote your Business - Advertise on our Live Webcasts

Our Business is growing your business. Video is one of the most engaging tools that you can use to promote your business or product. Connect with more consumers by advertising with 3-2-1 Action, as our Live Broadcasts had over 4 million views in 2020!

You will reach a targeted audience by advertising in one (or more) of our targeted ad spots. See below for our advertising & partnership opportunities or contact us at 

Webcast Sponsorship Opportunities

3-2-1 Action Video is able to offer several alternatives for your business to advertise on our Live webcast Production:

  • Video Ads. 15-60 second advertising slots are played during webcasts break in action. 
  • Side Banner Ads. We can embed your banner ad on our live webcast along with the live action (image size is 370 pixels wide, and 640 pixels high). See example
  • Premium sponsorship. Contact us to see how we can partner on an event to provide the maximum exposure for your business with our video production. 

We offer 3-12 month contracts, as well as specific events such as the BFA. Here is how you can get started by reserving your ad slots.




Any questions? Please contact 321 Action Video at or call 415-938-7375. Banner ad image size is 370 pixels wide, and 640 pixels high.

If you need help with video editing, please contact one of the following recommended editors:

Magnolia Ranch Creative Marketing and Design.
Phone number: 512-718-1181

Tara Lee Woodall

Danielle Long

Dena Milner
(575) 202-9590