Jan 8-10, 2021 Brandons Barrel Bash 10K - Green Coves Springs FL - Clay County fairgrounds

Estimated Webcast Schedule
6:30pm Open Warm Up Race
10:00am  Futurity 1st Go
11:00am  Derby 1st Go
12:00pm PeeWee Race
... $3,500 Added Open 4D
5:00pm (approx.) Open Stops for Big Drag; Last Rider # to Be Announced at 150 Drag
6:00pm American Qualifier
... 15 Minute Break
... Resume Open
9:00am Futurity 2nd Go
... 15 Minute Break
... Derby 2nd Go
... 15 Minute Break
11:00am - 12:00pm (Approx.) Open 4D