2023 USBCHA National Cattledog Championships

Cattledog Oct 10-14, 2023 Blakesburg, IA

Copyright Notice:
The live broadcast is exclusively protected by 3-2-1 Action Video's copyright. Unauthorized recording, copying, or distribution of any live broadcast content is strictly prohibited.

Estimated Webcast Schedule

7:30AM Opening
7:45AM Open, Round One

7:30AM Opening
7:45AM Nursery Round One, followed by Nursery Round 2

7:30AM Opening
7:45AM Open Round 2

7:30 AM Presentation of the Colors by Miss Dally Orman, Grace and Glory Trick Riding
8:30AM Nursery Finals, followed by Raffle Drawing, followed by Open Double Lift Finals


How to Access the Live Webcast?

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