Promote Your Event Using Video Production

No one needs to be convinced that video is a great way to promote a sporting event. There is no better way to show the sights and sounds, the speed and excitement of a competition. Here are some tips to ensure that you’re successful:

Broadcast Your Event

Broadcast your event for the world to see. This will not only serve a purpose to share what is happening live, but a professional broadcast will promote your event, your riders, and most important your sponsors. A broadcast can be anything from Live tv production that can cost 100’s of thousands to cover, to a simple one camera webcast. If done right can maximize your exposure at a fraction of the cost of a live tv production. 3-2-1 Action Video can live stream an event with up to 3 HD cameras to cover multiple areas, or to show multiple angles from just one arena.

Share the Broadcast

When doing a live webcast, the key to maximize exposure is to share the feed with many partners to maximize exposure for your event. 3-2-1 Action Video can share live  streams with multiple websites, as well as stream to Social Media, such as Facebook, and youtube live. The motto to maximize your live video exposure is “If you’re not everywhere, you’re nowhere.”

Be Impactful

Sponsors are one of the most important parts of making an event a success. A professional broadcast will be able to highlight your sponsors in the live broadcast using video advertising, or banner ads in the video as a way to tell the audience what they want to let them know. 3-2-1 Action Video also has some sponsors that will be able to lower your costs to broadcast most events.

So don’t delay
Promote your Riders,
Promote your Sponsors,
Promote your Event,

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