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Advertising to the Equine Marketplace

Our Business is growing your business. Video is one of the most engaging tools that you can use to promote your business or product. Connect with more consumers by advertising with 3-2-1 Action. Our site reaches over a million unique visitors annually with a 10% annual growth in the last year.

Reach a targeted audience by advertising in one (or more) of our targeted ad spots. See below for our advertising & partnership opportunities or contact us at [email protected]




3-2-1 Action Video is a video production company that specializes in live webcasting and filming the most prestigious equine events and competitions throughout the country.

The target market is huge. Here are some recent statistics:

  • The horse population in the U.S. is 9.5 million; in Europe, it’s 5.8 million; in South America, it’s 10 million; and in Asia, Oceania and Africa combined, it’s 15 million.
  • The direct monetary impact of the equine industry is $39 billion US annually.
  • The overall impact worldwide is $102 billion US per year.
  • The industry supports 1.4 million jobs.
  • The equine audience is 85% female, 15% male, with an overall median age of 38, a median household income of $134,500 US, and an average net worth of $955,400.

Here is an opportunity for your equine business, stallion, etc., to be promoted with a front-seat view to this huge target market. Now is the time to purchase advertising slots in upcoming webcasts and filming to showcase your business and ensure that you are capturing your corner of the equine-related market!

Webcast Sponsorship Opportunities

3-2-1 Action Video is able to offer several alternatives for your business to advertise on our Live webcast Production:

  • Video Ads.Thirty-second advertising slots during webcasts start at $100-$500 each event, based on a 100 rider rotation. Additional plays can be also purchased if you want to increase your frequency of play.
  • Banner Ads. We can embed your banner ad on our live webcast page, along with links to your website
  • Sponsor Logo Video Overlay. Overlay sponsorship allows for your logo to be displayed on the live video webcast during the event.
  • Replay Sponsorship. Sponsorship of the event replay includes your business logo on replay videos, Name in replay title, and 30 second video ad in the video replay.
  • Embed of Live webcast. We can embed the live webcast on your own website to maximize the traffic to your website, and even allow you to sell banner advertising. Can be either simocast, or exclusive embed of the webcast.
  • Premium sponsorship. This level of sponsorship includes all the options above. 

3-2-1 Action Video is well-known in the equine community for its quality and professional approach to providing its services. In 2013, our webcasts alone had over 330,000 views. One show alone had over 70,000 page views.

So feel free to contact us about advertising opportunities at this or any of our future broadcasts of equine events.

Commercial Production

If you do not already have a video that advertises your business, talk to us about how we can create a professional video commercial for you. Our rates vary, depending on whether or not you can supply existing video footage, photos, logos, a script, etc. If you already have these elements, our charge is just $150 to create a video with voiceover. We will waive the $150 charge if you contract for one or more of the advertising opportunities during a minimum of six filmed or webcast events that we will be producing.

If we are required to shoot video footage, photos, create logos and a script. etc., our charges start at $300. We will waive $150 of our charges if you contract for one or more of the advertising opportunities during a minimum of six filmed or webcast events that we will be producing.

If you engage us to produce a professional video commercial, you will be able to use it on your own website. In addition, we will be pleased to offer our assistance in showing you how you can use the video with all other types of media, such as magazines, flyers, social media, and so much more. Click here to view Samples of videos

Contact Us

As you can see, we have an entire spectrum of advertising opportunities available. Let us know as soon as possible if you would like some of this important exposure for your business, stallion or other equine-related business! And for the webcast opportunities, space is limited so be sure to contact us as soon as possible before the various available slots are sold.


Melissa (Sales, Marketing, Advertising) 817-523-8565

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