Video Ad Editing

Our production team can customize your video advertising to bring your videos to life and help you use them to grow your business. Contact us today to get started with your video ad.

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Step 1 - Sign up for Ad editing with or without voiceovers in 15, 30, 45 or 60 sec lengths. If you are not sure how long to purchase, we suggest purchasing the 30 seconds and we can adjust once we have a draft. Make sure to include a cell phone number and the email you will be sending the content from as well as the name of the stallion or business.

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Step 2- Send us the photos, videos, or any content that you have rights to use in a video ad to, and in the subject make sure to include the stallion or business name you put into the order.

If your photos or videos are too big to send, you can send them via Dropbox,,

If you want a voiceover, we will also need a script for the voiceover. We can usually read 75 words in 30 seconds, about 35 in 15 seconds, and 150 in 60 seconds. 


Step 3- Once we receive the content, we will email and text you when we have scheduled a day to work on your ad. If we have any questions or a draft for you to review, we will send it via email and text and will wait to hear back from you before to continue to work on your project. So please reply as soon as possible so we can finalize your project.


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