Watch Replay - 2023 Bob Tallman Team Roping - Reno, NV

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2023 Reno Patriot

June 17-24, Reno, NV

Get ready for an electrifying week of non-stop action at the highly anticipated Reno Patriot Live webcast, taking place from June 17th to June 24th, 2023, at the renowned Patriot venue in Reno, Nevada. Presented by 3-2-1 Action Video, this virtual extravaganza promises to be an unforgettable experience for adrenaline junkies and action enthusiasts worldwide.


Friday, June 16
Barrel Race Calcutta and Back # Ceremony 7pm @ Silver Legacy Casino - Black Tie Affair (NOT BROADCAST)

Saturday, June 17

12pm The Biggest Little Barrel Race in the World - $20,000 ADDED MONEY plus $10,000 SSS

Sunday, June 18
Open Team Roping Calcutta 7pm @ Silver Legacy Casino - Buyer Registration @ 6:30pm (NOT BROADCAST)

Monday, June 19
Bob Tallman Invitational - Open Team Roping 9am - $30,000 ADDED MONEY

Tuesday, June 20
Open Reno 20&Under Hooey Jr / Hooey Jr Patriot Optional Sidepot(19U) 8am
#11.5 Reno Rodeo Invitational - 21 & Over - 11am

Wednesday, June 21
#9.5 Reno High Roller- 40 & Over - 8am
Reno All Girl Open Team Roping - 11am
Reno All Girl Open Breakaway - 2pm

Open Tiedown Calcutta and Back # Ceremony 6pm @ Silver Legacy Casino - Black Tie Affair - Buyer Registration @ 5:30pm (NOT BROADCAST)

Thursday, June 22
Hooey 19&Under Tiedown - 9am
Reno's Richest Open Tiedown - Noon - $10,000 ADDED MONEY

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