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Estimated Webcast Schedule PST
Thu Dec 1
9am Qualifying Rd 1

Fri Dec 2
9am Qualifying Rd 2 (reverse)
Buy Back Round

Sat Dec 3
12pm KK Qualifier
2pm Showdown Round

Sun Dec 4
7pm Breakaway Qualifier Rd 1

Mon Dec 5
7pm Breakaway Qualifier Rd 2 (reverse)

Tue Dec 6
7pm Breakaway Showdown Rd

Thu Dec 8
9am Qualifying Rd 1

Fri Dec 9
9am Qualifying Rd 1 (reverse end-301)

Sat Dec 10
9am Qualifying Rd 1 (reverse 300-1)
Buy Back Rd

Sun Dec 11
10am American Contender
2pm Showdown Round