Order videos from JJ Productions - 377 Arena Stephenville, TX - Jan 29, 2023

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Video Types:


Will be the entire run at a regular speed only. 

Slow Motion Replay:

Will be the entire run at regular speed with a slow-motion replay.


This is a Slow Motion only video that is up to 60 sec long and is in a vertical orientation so it could be uploaded as a Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels, or Tik Tok. 

Video Delivery Types:


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We will email you the link to the video for you to download to your device. You can then upload your videos to your favorite social media sites. You must download your video within 30 days before it is deleted from the storage cloud.



If you prefer to have a video sent via Facebook Messager, Custom Order such as Side By Side, or orders of more than 4 videos, contact us using the message us button and we can help you.