Oct 29-Nov 6 ApHC World Championship Show



Friday, October 29 Est Begin Time
Proudly sponsored by Equine Express
John Justin Arena
H4 Appaloosa Halter Futurity Weanling Fillies, Non-Pro 8:30:00 AM
H3 Appaloosa Halter Futurity Weanling Colts & Geldings, Non-Pro 9:23:04 AM
H2 Appaloosa Halter Futurity Weanling Fillies, Open 10:05:34 AM
H1 Appaloosa Halter Futurity Weanling Colts & Geldings, Open 10:56:34 AM
H6 Appaloosa Halter Futurity Yearling Fillies, Non-Pro 11:39:04 AM
H7 Appaloosa Halter Futurity Yearling Colts & Geldings, Non-Pro 12:12:47 PM
O555 Senior Ranch Riding 1:57:47 PM
N335 35 & Over Non-Pro Western Pleasure 3:51:25 PM
O541 Junior Ranch Reining 5:08:07 PM
O442 Senior Hunter Under Saddle 6:11:41 PM
O342 Senior Reining 6:46:25 PM
O423 Men's Western Pleasure 7:50:19 PM
N325 35 & Over Non-Pro Western Horsemanship 8:13:44 PM
O362 Senior Western Riding 9:20:54 PM
Will Rogers Coliseum
O382 Senior Trail 7:30:00 AM
O381 Junior Trail 10:33:40 AM
O385 Green Trail 11:56:58 AM
O388 Yearling In-Hand Trail 1:46:27 PM
O389 Stallion Service Auction Yearling In-Hand Trail 2:51:27 PM
N353 Non-Pro Yearling In-Hand Trail 3:16:27 PM
O270 Keyhole Race 5:04:27 PM
N277 Non-Pro Walk/Trot Keyhole Race 6:05:27 PM
N270 Non-Pro Keyhole Race 6:19:01 PM
O402 Senior Hunter Hack 7:07:40 PM
Saturday, October 30 Est Begin Time
Proudly sponsored by Larry Williams Photography
John Justin Arena
N315 35 & Over Non-Pro Showmanship 7:30:00 AM
N513 Non-Pro Weanling Fillies 8:43:46 AM
N514 Non-Pro Yearling Fillies 9:09:16 AM
N515 Non-Pro Two-Year-Old Mares 9:32:55 AM
N516 Non-Pro Three-Year-Old Mares 9:47:03 AM
N517 Non-Pro Aged Mares 10:10:27 AM
O17 Hunter in Hand, Four & Older Mares 10:32:27 AM
O19 Hunter in Hand, Four & Older Geldings 10:58:36 AM
O24 Hunter in Hand, Two & Older Stallions 11:40:27 AM
O542 Senior Ranch Reining 11:57:27 AM
O393 Men’s Heritage 1:28:27 PM
O554 Junior Ranch Riding 1:55:27 PM
O422 Senior Western Pleasure 3:40:52 PM
O343 Hackamore/Snaffle Bit Reining 4:36:52 PM
O460 Saddle Seat Pleasure 5:55:52 PM
N378 Masters Non-Pro Reining 6:17:52 PM
O424 Ladies’ Western Pleasure 7:06:10 PM
Will Rogers Coliseum
N357 Non-Pro Walk/Trot Trail 7:30:00 AM
N359 Novice Non-Pro Trail 9:20:42 AM
N358 Masters Non-Pro Trail 10:34:32 AM
N355 Non-Pro 35 & Over Trail 12:05:49 PM
N350 Non-Pro Trail 1:37:09 PM
O290 Figure 8 Stake Race 4:25:45 PM
N297 Non-Pro Walk/Trot Figure 8 Stake Race 5:22:50 PM
N290 Non-Pro Figure 8 Stake Race 5:40:33 PM
O401 Junior Hunter Hack 6:39:33 PM
N150 Non-Pro Hunter Hack 6:53:13 PM
Sunday, October 31 Est Begin Time
Proudly sponsored by Mike and Paige Berry of Total Refrigeration LLC of West Suffield, CT
John Justin Arena
N503 Non-Pro Weanling Colts 7:30:00 AM
N504 Non-Pro Yearling Colts 7:51:00 AM
N505 Non-Pro Two-Year-Old Stallions 8:16:30 AM
N506 Non-Pro Three-Year-Old Stallions 8:37:30 AM
N507 Non-Pro Aged Stallions 8:41:30 AM
N370 Non-Pro Reining 8:56:30 AM
N310 Non-Pro Showmanship 10:15:50 AM
O447 Green Hunter Under Saddle 12:05:50 PM
O161 Junior Working Cow Horse 12:57:42 PM
N125 35 & Over Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle 2:37:42 PM
O421 Junior Western Pleasure 3:22:17 PM
O559 Senior Ranch Rail Pleasure 4:01:00 PM
O559 Senior Ranch Rail Pleasure 4:36:00 PM
O559 Senior Ranch Rail Pleasure 5:09:00 PM
N115 35 & Over Non-Pro Hunt Seat Equitation 5:49:00 PM
N456 Non-Pro Boxing 7:16:30 PM
Will Rogers Coliseum
O523 Pre-Green Hunter 8:30:00 AM
N170 Non-Pro Working Hunter 8:53:00 AM
O520 Green Hunter 9:17:30 AM
N160 Non-Pro Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences 9:56:30 AM
O500 Working Hunter 10:21:00 AM
O528 Windemere Hunter Classic 10:37:00 AM
O529 Windemere Hunter Under Saddle Classic 11:41:00 AM
High Point Non-Pro Over Fences Horse 12:01:00 PM
High Point Over Fences Horse 12:04:00 PM
Windemere Hunter Classic Top 10 Presentation 12:07:00 PM
RE-SET ARENA 12:16:00 PM
O300 Nez Perce Stake Race - ELIMINATIONS 1:12:00 PM
O300 Nez Perce Stake Race - FINALS 1:54:40 PM
Monday, November 1 Est Begin Time
Proudly sponsored by Lazy Faire Ranch
John Justin Arena
N450 Non-Pro Working Cow Horse 7:30:00 AM
N523 Non-Pro Weanling Geldings 8:54:10 AM
N524 Non-Pro Yearling Geldings 9:16:10 AM
N525 Non-Pro Two-Year-Old Geldings 9:27:01 AM
N526 Non-Pro Three-Year-Old Geldings 9:42:25 AM
N527 Non-Pro Aged Geldings 9:58:25 AM
N540 Non-Pro Most Colorful at Halter 10:27:25 AM
High-Point & Reserve High-Point 35 & Over Non-Pro 10:47:09 AM
O558 Junior Ranch Rail Pleasure 11:00:09 AM
R12 $1500 Junior Ranch Rail Pleasure Sweepstakes 11:43:06 AM
N340 Non-Pro Western Riding 12:08:06 PM
O441 Junior Hunter Under Saddle 12:49:54 PM
O394 Ladies' Heritage 1:34:14 PM
O162 Senior Working Cow Horse 2:38:14 PM
W19 Western Horsemanship, Independent W/J 4:32:23 PM
W20 Western Horsemanship, Independent W/J/L 5:10:23 PM
O427 Three-Year-Old Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure 5:47:23 PM
O341 Junior Reining 6:25:53 PM
W21 Western Horsemanship, Veterans Independent W/J 7:34:13 PM
O430 Pleasure Driving 7:59:13 PM
W22 Western Pleasure, Independent W/J 8:20:43 PM
W23 Western Horsemanship, Veterans Independent W/J/L 8:55:43 PM
N190 Non-Pro Pleasure Driving 9:28:43 PM
Will Rogers Coliseum
N318 Masters Non-Pro Showmanship 7:30:00 AM
O28 Hunter in Hand, Yearling Fillies 8:54:53 AM
O29 Hunter in Hand, Yearling Geldings 9:19:53 AM
O27 Hunter in Hand, Yearling Colts 9:43:33 AM
N307 Non-Pro Walk/Trot Nez Perce Stake Race 10:13:09 AM
N301 Non-Pro Nez Perce Stake Race - ELIMINATIONS 10:32:44 AM
N301 Non-Pro Nez Perce Stake Race - FINALS 11:27:44 AM
O434 Stallion Service Auction Yearling Longeline 12:45:24 PM
Tuesday, November 2 Est Begin Time
Proudly sponsored by KJ UP IN SMOKE
John Justin Arena
O557 Senior Ranch Trail 7:30:00 AM
O556 Junior Ranch Trail 10:40:00 AM
N670 Non-Pro Ranch Trail 12:58:22 PM
O552 Open Ranch Horse Conformation 4:33:42 PM
Champion & Reserve Champion English Horse 5:31:12 PM
Champion & Reserve Champion Ranch Horse 5:38:12 PM
N440 Non-Pro Breakaway Roping 6:13:12 PM
O181 Junior Judged Tie-Down Roping 6:43:12 PM
O182 Senior Judged Tie-Down Roping 6:57:48 PM
N600 Non-Pro Judged Tie-Down Roping 7:35:55 PM
O220 Timed Tie-Down Roping - ELIMINATIONS 7:56:55 PM
N410 Non-Pro Timed Tie-Down Roping - ELIMINATIONS 8:21:55 PM
O220 Timed Tie-Down Roping - FINALS 8:39:43 PM
N410 Non-Pro Timed Tie-Down Roping - FINALS 9:10:10 PM
O250 Steer Daubing 9:27:22 PM
N420 Non-Pro Steer Daubing 10:16:06 PM
Will Rogers Coliseum
O16 Hunter in Hand, Two & Three Year Old Mares 7:30:00 AM
O18 Hunter in Hand, Two & Three Year Old Geldings 7:45:08 AM
N338 Masters Non-Pro Western Pleasure 8:30:08 AM
N129 Novice Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle 9:28:05 AM
O431 Yearling Longeline, Western 10:02:45 AM
P23 APPsolute Stakes $1500 Yearling Longeline Western 11:59:39 AM
O280 Camas Prairie Stump Race - ELIMINATIONS 12:49:39 PM
O280 Camas Prairie Stump Race - FINALS 1:44:39 PM
N328 Masters Non-Pro Western Horsemanship 3:11:19 PM
Champion & Reserve Champion Games Horse 5:03:19 PM
N119 Novice Non-Pro Hunt Seat Equitation 5:17:19 PM
N130 Non-Pro Saddle Seat Pleasure 6:07:59 PM
O365 Green Western Riding 6:42:25 PM
N140 Non-Pro Saddle Seat Equitation 7:20:45 PM
Wednesday, November 3 Est Begin Time
Proudly sponsored by Griner Peformance Horses and THE BEST BET YET
John Justin Arena
O231 Junior Judged Heading 7:30:00 AM
O232 Senior Judged Heading 7:50:50 AM
N610 Non-Pro Judged Heading 8:43:46 AM
O236 Junior Judged Heeling 9:16:46 AM
O237 Senior Judged Heeling 9:36:33 AM
N620 Non-Pro Judged Heeling 10:16:33 AM
O240 Heading & Heeling - ELIMINATIONS 10:54:33 AM
N390 Non-Pro Heading & Heeling - ELIMINATIONS 11:40:09 AM
O240 Heading & Heeling - FINALS 12:13:34 PM
N390 Non-Pro Heading & Heeling - FINALS 12:44:34 PM
Champion & Reserve Champion Cattle Horse 1:12:34 PM
Champion Non-Pro Cattle Horse 1:20:34 PM
O444 Three-Year-Old Snaffle Bit Hunter Under Saddle 2:02:34 PM
R4 Open Derby 2:26:50 PM
N330 Non-Pro Western Pleasure 3:41:50 PM
N330 Non-Pro Western Pleasure 4:08:50 PM
N330 Non-Pro Western Pleasure 4:38:50 PM
R15 Three-Year-Old Ranch Riding Futurity 5:38:50 PM
R8 Non-Pro Ranch Riding Derby 6:56:50 PM
O426 Two-Year-Old Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure 8:21:50 PM
N320 Non-Pro Western Horsemanship 8:52:38 PM
Will Rogers Coliseum
O85 Stallion Service Auction Weanling Halter Incentive 7:30:00 AM
N518 Non-Pro Performance Halter Mares 8:11:00 AM
N528 Non-Pro Performance Halter Geldings 8:32:00 AM
N508 Non-Pro Performance Halter Stallions 9:03:00 AM
N319 Novice Non-Pro Showmanship 9:22:00 AM
O361 Junior Western Riding 10:26:54 AM
N531 Non-Pro Yearling Longe Line, Western 10:56:24 AM
N348 Masters Non-Pro Western Riding 12:35:13 PM
Champion & Reserve Champion Western Horse 1:04:13 PM
N287 Non-Pro Walk/Trot Camas Prairie Stump Race 1:41:13 PM
N281 Non-Pro Camas Prairie Stump Race, ELIMINATIONS 2:00:13 PM
N281 Non-Pro Camas Prairie Stump Race, FINALS 2:57:43 PM
Champion Non-Pro Games Horse 4:17:43 PM
Thursday, November 4 Est Begin Time
Proudly sponsored by Shaun and Alicia Fleming
John Justin Arena
O59 Performance Halter Mares 7:30:00 AM
O53 Weanling Fillies 7:49:00 AM
O54 Yearling Fillies 8:17:40 AM
O55 Two-Year-Old Mares 8:49:40 AM
O56 Three-Year-Old Mares 9:12:06 AM
O57 Aged Mares 9:38:15 AM
O58 Broodmares 10:05:39 AM
O95 Foundation Pedigree Designation Halter, Mares 10:13:09 AM
Champion Non-Pro Western Exhibitor 10:23:09 AM
O425 Green Western Pleasure 10:35:09 AM
R5 Non-Pro Reining Derby 11:05:09 AM
N339 Novice Non-Pro Western Pleasure 12:12:09 PM
N128 Masters Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle 1:13:46 PM
N660 Non-Pro Ranch Rail Pleasure 1:53:15 PM
N660 Non-Pro Ranch Rail Pleasure 2:14:15 PM
N660 Non-Pro Ranch Rail Pleasure 2:38:15 PM
O445 Two-Year-Old Snaffle Bit Hunter Under Saddle 3:14:15 PM
N329 Novice Non-Pro Western Horsemanship 3:40:35 PM
N118 Masters Non-Pro Hunt Seat Equitation 5:09:05 PM
High-Point & Reserve High-Point Novice Non-Pro 6:39:11 PM
High-Point & Reserve High-Point Masters Non-Pro 6:47:11 PM
R1 Reining Futurity 7:06:11 PM
R7 Non-Pro Reining Futurity 8:54:11 PM
Will Rogers Coliseum
G1 Camas Prairie Stump Race - ELIMINATIONS 7:30:00 AM
G1 Camas Prairie Stump Race - FINALS 8:19:51 AM
N337 Non-Pro Walk/Trot Western Pleasure 9:46:25 AM
N337 Non-Pro Walk/Trot Western Pleasure 10:11:25 AM
N337 Non-Pro Walk/Trot Western Pleasure 10:35:25 AM
O432 Yearling Longeline, Hunter 11:22:25 AM
P22 APPsolute Stakes $1500 Yearling Longeline Hunter 12:47:13 PM
N360 Non-Pro Bareback Horsemanship 1:14:13 PM
N327 Non-Pro Walk/Trot Western Horsemanship 2:13:39 PM
Friday, November 5 Est Begin Time
Proudly sponsored by Barrs Plumbing INC
John Justin Arena
O35 Performance Halter Stallions 7:30:00 AM
O30 Weanling Colts 7:36:00 AM
O31 Yearling Colts 8:01:00 AM
O32 Two-Year-Old Stallions 8:26:08 AM
O33 Three-Year-Old Stallions 8:42:53 AM
O34 Aged Stallions 8:43:53 AM
O94 Foundation Pedigree Designation Halter, Stallions 8:50:53 AM
O86 Most Colorful at Halter 8:59:53 AM
N120 Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle 9:20:35 AM
N680 Non-Pro Ranch Riding 10:15:07 AM
P43 APPsolute Stakes $2500 Three-Year-Old Western Pleasure 12:19:53 PM
N127 Non-Pro Walk/Trot Hunter Under Saddle 1:03:53 PM
P42 APPsolute Stakes $2500 Two-Year-Old Western Pleasure 1:48:28 PM
N117 Non-Pro Walk/Trot Hunt Seat Equitation 2:04:48 PM
Champion Non-Pro English Exhibitor 3:00:38 PM
High-Point & Reserve High-Point Walk/Trot Non-Pro 3:05:38 PM
P15 APPsolute Stakes $2500 Yearling Halter 3:22:38 PM
O345 Freestyle Reining 4:02:38 PM
P47 APPsolute Stakes $1500 NP/Youth JR Western Pleasure 5 & Under 4:49:58 PM
N110 Non-Pro Hunt Seat Equitation 5:19:06 PM
Will Rogers Coliseum
G2 Nez Perce Stake Race - ELIMINATIONS 7:30:00 AM
G2 Nez Perce Stake Race - FINALS 8:19:51 AM
N532 Non-Pro Yearling Longe Line, Hunter 9:58:25 AM
Saturday, November 6 Est Begin Time
Proudly sponsored by Central Glass and The Lindsey Family
John Justin Arena
N560 Non-Pro Hunter in Hand Mares 7:30:00 AM
O78 Performance Halter Geldings 8:05:34 AM
O73 Weanling Geldings 8:40:20 AM
O74 Yearling Geldings 9:05:20 AM
O75 Two-Year-Old Geldings 9:13:44 AM
O76 Three-Year-Old Geldings 9:34:44 AM
O77 Aged Geldings 9:46:44 AM
O96 Foundation Pedigree Designation Halter, Geldings 10:05:44 AM
Champion Non-Pro Showmanship/Equitation Exhibitor 10:20:44 AM
N570 Non-Pro Hunter in Hand Geldings 10:27:44 AM
E12 Jarrell & Kate Jackson $2500 Halter Champion of Champions 11:22:22 AM
N550 Non-Pro Hunter in Hand Stallions 11:59:22 AM
N690 Non-Pro Ranch Reining 12:24:22 PM
P32 APPsolute Stakes $2500 Two-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle 1:59:42 PM
N650 Non-Pro Ranch Horse Conformation 3:04:17 PM
P33 APPsolute Stakes $2500 Three-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle 3:31:57 PM
E10 3G Rockin' MD $2500 Champion of Champions Western Pleasure 4:10:57 PM
P37 APPsolute Stakes $1500 NP/Youth JR Hunter Under Saddle 5 & Under 4:47:12 PM
E11 Beck Farms $2500 Champion of Champions Hunter Under Saddle 5:09:12 PM
Champion Non-Pro Halter Exhibitor
Champion Non-Pro Ranch Horse
Overall High-Point Exhibitor
Non-Pro Sportsmaship Award
High-Point & Reserve High-Point Non-Pro
All-Around Non-Pro
World Show Leading Breeder
World's Best & Reserve World's Best Appaloosa